• Weekend Recap: 2018 Hired Hand Huddle

    by Holly Williams | Oct 10, 2018
    Every year, ​we hold a Hired Hand Huddle where attendees play games, win prizes, have plenty of Q&A time with the Hired Hand staff, and participate in educational presentations about digital and website marketing.
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  • Don't Get Lost in Facebook's Updated News Feed

    by Holly Williams | Feb 01, 2018
    Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook Founder and CEO, announced on January 11th that Facebook will be changing their news feed algorithm which will affect brands and business pages (that means us!).
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  • Halloween Animals, Spooky Names & Other Fun!

    by Jessica Weber | Oct 24, 2017
    At Hired Hand, we're celebrating Halloween by compiling the top Halloween themed names of animals on our customers' websites and also celebrating those animals born on Halloween.
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  • Weekend Recap: 2017 TLBAA Horn Showcase

    by Jessica Weber | Oct 09, 2017
    From October 5-7 Hired Hands' Molly Clubb and Brittney Renee Klein attended the TLBAA Horn Showcase. This annual event features a futurity, measuring competition, 2 sales and banquet in Lawton, Oklahoma. These are some photos from that event.
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  • 10 Tips for Leveraging Social Media Surrounding a Big Event

    by Jessica Weber | Sep 26, 2017
    When big news hits your Industry or breed, are you prepared to leverage it? Last weekend at the historic Fort Worth Stockyards a Texas Longhorn bull, Cowboy Tuff Chex, sold for $165,000. While some speculated that he'd bring a half of a million dollars, this sale amount was still a big deal for Longhorn breeders across the nation. ABC News awarded the event national coverage and dozens of other local news sources also put out stories. But how do you, the general Longhorn (or any) breeder, who may not have a $165,000 bull or an $80,000 cow, leverage the national buzz and increase awareness of your breeding program? How could you try to increase your private treaty sales in conjunction with the popularity of the breed under topic? These 10 tips are aimed at helping you make the most of big news by using the social media platforms available to you in conjunction with your Hired Hand powered website.
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  • 2017 Millennium Futurity Sale Trends, Averages & Internet Influence

    by Molly Clubb | May 15, 2017
    Since the beginning of 2017 Hired Hand has been compiling additional sales data and sharing it via our Blog and Mobile Marketing program. We plan to continue to share these stats from future consignment sales as well. We hope that they will be beneficial to breeders and show Industry sales trends. We welcome your feedback and requests. Please find below some additional Millennium Futurity Sale results courtesy of your friends at Hired Hand*: Millennium Futurity Sale Results: 42 of 49 lots sold for a total of $133,550 with an $3,179 Average There was 1 Cash Cow sold. Lot 46 for $13,500. Top 10 lots average: $7,000 Top 25 lots average: $4,608
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  • Check out the new sites that went live during March!

    by User Not Found | Apr 07, 2017
    Here you will find a list of Hired Hand websites that went live during the month March. We had an interesting variety of sites launch and are excited to share them with you!
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  • Logo Variations

    by Laura Huff | Nov 10, 2016
    Logo variations can come in handy when you are working with different marketing materials. Check out our examples to see why!
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  • Enhance Your Visual Appeal with these Apps

    by Laura Huff | Aug 26, 2016
    We take you through a few of our favorite apps for editing videos and images. We also provide an idea of how and when to use these tools in your own marketing plan.
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  • Making the Most out of Your Marketing

    by Laura Huff | Jul 15, 2016
    Looking for a list of marketing ideas and what each offers? Here is a rundown of the services we see used most often and what makes them so effective.
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  • Privacy Settings on Social Media

    by Laura Huff | Jul 14, 2016
    Privacy is always a concern when it comes to the Internet. How much show you share or conceal? We help you weigh your options in this post on social media privacy.
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  • Adding a Social Mission to Your Ranch or Business

    by Laura Huff | Jun 16, 2016
    A social mission can benefit others, as well as your own business or ranch! See what others are doing to make a difference.
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  • The Ins and Outs of Snapchat

    by Laura Huff | May 13, 2016
    We take a look at Snapchat and what this app offers that other social medias do not. Consider the benefits a Snapchat account could bring to your ranch marketing program!
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  • The When's and Why's of a Website Redesign

    by Molly Clubb | Apr 29, 2016
    If you have questions about redesigning your website, this post has the answers you are looking for. We also share a few of the latest websites we have redesigned for our customers.
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  • Our Logo Design Process

    by Laura Huff | Dec 02, 2015
    Ever thought about a logo for your ranch? At Hired Hand, we take our customers through a set process; read about it here!
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  • Introducing Breeder Beacon, A New (FREE) Mobile App

    by Molly Clubb | Jan 27, 2015
    Last week we announced the release of Breeder Beacon, a mobile app for Longhorn, Deer and Horse breeders. Breeder Beacon uses your phone's GPS location to show you fellow breeders in your surrounding area or on your route. In addition to being able to search by breeder type, name, ranch name, city, state, etc. users can also view breeders in map view or listing view. Users can even save a list of their favorites.
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  • Hired Hand Search Replaces Hired Hand Sale Pen - Important Steps for Customers

    by Molly Clubb | May 30, 2014
    With the launch of Hired Hand Search we have retired the old Hired Hand Sale Pen. Now, any Hired Hand website customer on the Buckaroo or Wrangler Package can show an unlimited number of animals For Sale through Hired Hand Search. The process to ensure your animals for sale is simple. Just follow the two easy steps below (found in the Animal Management section of the Admin Portion of Hired Hand). We also recommend including a sale price and as much updated information (photo, measurement, breeding, etc.) as possible in order to make the decision to buy as easy as possibly on the customer.
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  • Success Stories from Spring Sales: Keeping Your Momentum Going

    by Molly Clubb | May 27, 2014
    On April 25th we shared a blog about Making the Most Out of Sale Weekends. This is a follow up to that blog as well as a supplement to an article called "Making an Extra Marketing Effort" that appears in the June 2014 issue of the Texas Longhorn Journal. Please feel free to contact Molly with any questions, comments or suggestions for future posts. Once again this Spring, I was able to attend most of the Texas Longhorn consignment sales held throughout the nation, representing Hired Hand Website Software. It’s always so nice, after a long winter, to see some of the best samples of this beautiful breed of cattle in addition to all of the breeders who make our Industry so welcoming and successful. One of my favorite parts of the Spring Sale Season is seeing various breeders who have been striving to make a name for their programs for years, or maybe only months, get their break-through in the sale ring. I’m happy to share just a few of this Spring’s success stories in this article. It’s also nice to see that seemingly each of the Spring consignment sales have made a nice niche for themselves in the Industry. Serving various groups of breeders through the caliber of Longhorns the sale encourages; buyers the sale attracts; convenient location; co-hosting with a competition or another event; or the tradition of a good time and good prices is what can allow for a variety of breeders to see success during any given year and sale.
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  • Have you tried Hired Hand SEARCH yet?

    by Molly Clubb | May 12, 2014
    Hired Hand's newest product, Hired Hand Search, has been live for about two weeks now. It's generated some impressive traffic and we're excited to continue tracking it and its trends. Have you had a chance to check it out yet?
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  • Making the Most Out of Sale Weekends

    by Molly Clubb | Apr 25, 2014
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